The Beauty of Black: How to Use It to Create a Striking, Deeply Joyful Room

The Beauty of Black: How to Use It to Create a Striking, Deeply Joyful Room

Ahh…the color black.

It’s one of my favs. It’s rich, mysterious, edgy, bold, and very chic. It makes a statement, whether minimally or in full force, and either way I love to use it and wear it. By no means does black have to be depressing, dreary, or weird. When used correctly, black is beautiful, and a great way to set an interior space apart from the rest.

If you’re like me, and all about black or curious and want to venture into the dark side, then read on to gather some ideas and be inspired.

The Color Black in Interior Design
Credit: Scala Luxury


Use of black on architectural features, both interior and exterior, enhances the visual structure. It creates a richness and edginess, adds sleekness and creates a modern feel or updates an element of a traditional style. Ideas include painting trim such as crown molding and baseboards, or doors, or other built-in features such as cabinets.

Using different sheens such as flat (matte), or semi-gloss finishes will also create a different feel, or even combining sheen, such as a room with eggshell black walls, and trim in semi-gloss black paint colors will create visually a variance in depth.

Kitchen Using Black Paint Colors With Gold And White
Credit: Lori Morris


One of the cool things about black, is that it complements any color. So when it comes to furniture, adding a strong black piece in the mix can make a statement in a room, and be just the thing a space needs to bring it alive.

Consider a black built-in unit, a unique, black cocktail table, or even a statement element on a sofa such as a decorative trim, or luscious throw pillows. The furniture can also have a great motif, such as chinoiserie on a buffet.

An elegant black, gold and white entryway
Credit: Koket


The finishing touches are an easy way to integrate black into your home. It’s also a great beginners way to try out black. It can be as simple as part of the pattern in an area rug, gorgeous vases or other decorative items. It can add an element of class or a cool vibe without overpowering your design. Whether your space is casual or formal, try a little black and see how it can impact the room.

A Black Lamp
Credit: Eichholtz
A Decorative Black Mirror
Credit: Worlds Away

Black can be misunderstood and is not often the go-to color for home decor. It’s a little bit intimidating and evokes a feeling of darkness. But don’t let that cause you to miss out on what all black can offer.

When used the right way, it’s classy and sophisticated and can work in many different spaces. It can create a beautiful story, and in the world of design, it creates harmony when paired with other colors, a very important part of any successful design.

Interested in decor with some joyful darkness? Reach out or schedule a chat to discuss your project.

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