Color Trends 2022: New Inspiration

Color Trends 2022:  New Inspiration

From design to fashion, color is all around us every day. So what is next year’s color trends 2022 bringing to us? Let’s take a look, and see what’s in store according to the experts and forecasters.

Buttercream, Nature Brown, Green Quartz, Tech Blue, Dahlia Orange, Military Gold, and Pink Charlotte


color trends 2022 buttercream

This color has me wanting cake….being honest! And I would gladly enjoy that cake at this table with the view. This trend is a buttery neutral that can swing traditional or contemporary. Buttercream isn’t just for your kitchen, it goes beyond its own borders, from cake frosting throughout the whole home.

Credit: Annette LeCompte Interiors Photography: Eric Piasecki

Green Quartz

color trends 2022 green quartz

Green will be everywhere in 2022!  I absolutely adore rich green hues such as this. Green Quartz is a great choice that holds a sultry vibe to it. It’s timeless in every aspect and works very well with natural elements. It can be dressed up in an elegant fashion, or be grounded and neutral.

Credit: Tracy Hardenburg Designs Photography: Par Bengtsson

Nature Brown

color trends 2022 nature brown

Brown sure doesn’t have to be dark and dull. It can actually be very elegant, warm, and refined. This home office (away from home) at a mountain ski home exudes warmth and class. The brown color is one of the modern interior design color trends inspired by nature. This color is comfortable, cozy, calming, and versatile. Nature Brown exhibits a traditional look for modern home interiors, bringing class and finery into modern interior decorating.

Credit: Worth Interiors Photography: Kimberley Gavin

Tech Blue

color trends 2022 tech blue

Solid and calming, Tech Blue reminds me of organic indigo dyes and the ocean. In interior design, this bright shade of blue can be used to create a clean statement, you don’t necessarily have to paint a whole living room with tech blue, you can try to accessorize with a few inky blue details. Such as an island in a kitchen, an area rug in your family room, or a bold floor tile in a powder bath.

Credit Annette Martin Architect Photography: Timothy Murphy, Foto Imagery

Dahlia Orange

living room florida

Not a color you see too often in home design. It’s likely you either love it or hate it. The color orange is associated with joy, sunshine, and enthusiasm.  Dahlia Orange is bold and bright which will catch your eye for sure. Use it boldly on your walls, or as an accent in a space. Either way, in 2022 it is time to bring this amazing color into your home decor.

Credit: Samad Rugs

Military Gold

color trends 2022 military gold

I love to incorporate metals into my design, and the use of gold in this whimsical dining room is a great example of merging metal with fun details. Military details and colors have been a part of the interior design world for a long time now, but this color trend will make a huge comeback in spring 2022 with Military Gold.

Credit: Andrea Schumacher Interiors Photography: Emily Minton Redfield

Pink Charlotte

home office

Yes, you can put some pink in your home! Trust me….Pink Charlotte is hot for Spring. Typically it’s considered a color just for children’s bedrooms, pink is however firmly a color to use throughout the house. The key is to use it wisely. This photo shows perfectly how to do just that! Small accents make a statement too.

Credit: Sarah Vaile Design Photography: Aimée Mazzenga

What’s your takeaway from the future color trends 2022? Which ones appeal to you? Which ones do you plan to incorporate into your home? Comment and share below, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Check out my previous post about using black in the home here. See how you can incorporate color trends 2022 with black in your home and make a bold statement.

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