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Interior Design Florida Bridget Ray

We create a luxury experience crafting one of a kind spaces from single rooms to entire homes. With a systematic approach, we are able to simplify the design process for our clients and execute their ideas with our carefully curated selections. The end result is a thoughtfully designed home that reflects the individuality and desires of each client we serve.   We provide a turn-key approach to our projects, including project oversight of trades people involved, product procurement and management, coordinating logistics and final installation, to ensure that everything flows together seamlessly, resulting in a beautiful and cohesive design. Learn more about how this process works here.


Builders and Remodelers

Explore What Is Possible

We often work as a liaison for clients, architects, and custom builders guiding the overall aesthetic of the house from beginning concepts through completion. Whether starting from ground up or reimagining your current space, we can work with your team to select materials, design architectural details and customize the home for your individual needs. Discover how we can work together on your next construction project here.


Commercial Interior Design

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To begin a design project, the function and efficiency of the business must be considered, and then finding a creative solution to distinguish the design from all others follows. All constraints and adjacencies are studied, a plan is devised, and details and aesthetics are developed. The end result is a dynamic interior giving your business a character that sets it apart from the others. Discover more about how we can help you on your project here.

Sculptural Luxury Living Room Decor

This and That Interior Design Options

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There are times where full service interior design is not the right fit. So we have a selection of various services for smaller projects, or the DIY

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