Hi, I’m Bridget Ray.

About Bridget Ray
Music as Interior Design Inspiration

Designer.  Visual Storyteller.  Style Explorer.  

The visionary and the creative force behind the awe-inspiring and boundary pushing Florida-based design brand is a fearless interiors expert who brings on the drama (without the drama, if you catch our drift). The good-kind-of-drama. The can’t-look-away-kind-of-drama.

Our Studio

The studio behind all the drama is Bridget Ray Interior Design. Located in Lake Mary, Florida – we specialize in full-service residential design for custom new builds, home remodels, furnishings and decor, and design concierge services. Forever forging new paths and always reinventing with bold, edgy, and unique designs, we never rinse and repeat. That means you get a curated, custom look that you or your neighbors won’t see anywhere else.

But perhaps our most notable asset is we help our clients discover their very own personal style, a one-of-a-kind design aesthetic, tailored to their lifestyle. With a collaborative and fun process of discovery and exploration, we can define their style direction and achieve a truly curated home.

A design advocate confidently leading the way…is Bridget.

Bridget’s Story

Artistic since early childhood – playing violin, drawing floor plans, and relentlessly redecorating her room – Bridget continued her ambitious design journey getting her design degree in 1993 and her license with the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design (NCIDQ) n 2015.

Her list of accolades includes being recognized as Best of Orlando in 2015 and 2016 and getting published in two local industry publications.

Today, Bridget is a fearless interior designer. With boundless creativity, bold ideas and dramatic approach, she designs thoughtfully curated custom spaces filled with character and personality.

Bridget’s Fun Facts

What’s your favorite design style?

Sophisticated Maximalism. Always using pattern and color in unexpected ways.  It’s dramatic and happy, and requires being fearless.

What’s a common misconception about decorating?

That it’s easy and all fun.  It’s quite complex in that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions to be made, and each decision interacts with the other.  It takes a lot of time to consider every detail, every selection, and all the technical aspects of a project.

Big design mistake you see people make over and over again:

Bringing in a designer after the construction has begun, after the architect has designed a floor plan that either doesn’t allow furniture to fit, or they don’t consider the lifestyle of the homeowner and their specific needs that an interior designer looks at.  

Insider tip: hire a designer early, to get it right.

Color that never goes out of style:

Clearly, black.

“Less is more” or “more is more”?

My first reaction is “more is more”…but it does depend on the situation in design.  I think that you can have less in a perfect arrangement but still be bold.

Your dream client: 

They’d likely be a bit rebellious, but in a good way.  Have a hefty investment and be fully trusting of me.

Travel destination you’d go back to:

Italy and spend some time exploring different regions.  The coastal areas are quite amazing, as well as the people and the food.

Article of clothing that instantly elevates an outfit:

Killer shoes!  

Coffee or wine?

Coffee in the AM. But if I have a drink, I prefer an interesting flavored martini.

In your free time you are….

Golfing, cooking and of course spending time with my son.

Choice of music: 

I love old school 80’s dark wave, Goth, and EDM.  I actually enjoy many genres over the decades.  

Favorite snack: 

Dark chocolate smeared with peanut butter.

Let’s Talk

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Bold looks, creative solutions, and edgy elegance. New Construction/Renovations/Furnishings Residential and commercial interiors.

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